Powershift Collaborative

Powershift Exchange is an international internship program that offers college students and recent graduates from China and the United States the opportunity to live and gain work experience in a foreign country. Powershift Exchange interns become immersed in a highly entrepreneurial business environment, teamed on projects with technology entrepreneurs and world-class business leaders at the Powershift headquarters in Austin or Shanghai. 

The program typically provides students with a year-long internship to train and work with Powershift portfolio companies: Appconomy, Nano Global, The Dime Club, and others that might be in stealth mode. Internships collaborate on projects in areas of marketing, design, software development, research, and product management.

Students who are currently enrolled at a university can gain academic credit, and Powershift gladly coordinates with the intern to provide needed reviews or proof of training. While gaining real-world professional experience and training, they also work on improving their spoken and written English or Mandarin Chinese skills. 

In addition to professional training, the Powershift Exchange Austin program offers participants many opportunities for cultural enrichment experiences such as: 

  • Introductions to regional and state-level business and academic officials and leaders
  • Opportunities to meet and interact with students from area universities such as University of Texas at Austin
  • Exposure to local museums, festivals, and arts venues
  • Activities and cultural events to learn customs and practice language skills, providing a broader understanding of daily life in a Western country.