Powershift Collaborative

Powershift Collaborative is an exclusive program that offers the best resources for Austin's top and most promising entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses.

This new initiative opens a wide spectrum of resources from mentorship to office space, that includes all of the essentials for building world-class companies. Select founders and business leaders are handpicked by the Powershift leadership team and offered to join in a collaborative way at the Powershift office space in downtown. 

Powershift Collaborative is a creative, resourceful opportunity that Powershift Group provides to those in the community who are founders of early-stage organizations. 

All businesses accepted into the Powershift Collaborative program operate within major Powershift themes including: mobile technology, nanotechnology, health and wellness, sharing economy, young professional development, and bridging East (China) & West (U.S.). 

News about the current Powershift Collaborative group:


For more information about the Powershift Collaborative program, contact collaborate@powershift.com.