DaQiao Group is a joint venture between Neusoft Holdings and Powershift Group.

Founded by Dr. Jiren Liu and Steve Papermaster, DaQiao specializes in forward-thinking global partnering, specifically between Eastern and Western worlds. They provide strategic advisory, raise capital and facilitate private equity to accelerate growing businesses worldwide.

Just as the name - "DaQiao" (大桥) or "Big Bridge" - implies, the company's objectives include bridging the gap for US organizations to expand into the Chinese marketplace, and Chinese organizations to expand into the US marketplace. They provide networking, educational, advisory, and capital opportunities for companies and individuals advancing the role of entrepreneurship and technology across cultures. DaQiao supports the promotion of Chinese-American economic growth.

Sponsored and produced by DaQiao Group, the DaQiao Institute Fellowship Program provides cultural, business, technology, and language learning opportunities for young Chinese and American leaders. More broadly, the program creates a valuable pool of culturally knowledgeable and business-savvy young leaders who support the growth of joint Chinese-American economic opportunities for companies, educational institutions, and organizations.

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