BSG Corp. (Business Systems Group) was a software and IT company founded and led by Steve Papermaster.

As chairman and CEO, this company grew from a one man startup to over $100M/year, delivering innovative enterprise software, education, content and IT services, over a decade until the late 1990’s. BSG pioneered early corporate Internet, client server, and object-oriented development. They were most active in the energy, retail, financial services, healthcare and technology verticals, in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Through several transactions in the late 1990’s, BSG core businesses became publicly traded or acquired by market leaders including Ziff, Knowledge Universe, Philips Electronics, and Per-Se Technologies.

Powershift was founded while Steve Papermaster was leading BSG as a complimentary venture development company to actively found, fund, and grow related new ventures yielding growth opportunities for thousands of jobs and generations of entrepreneurial leaders and personnel.