Brian Magierski

President, Board Member

Brian In The News:

Brian Magierski is the President and a Board Member of Powershift Group. He takes on multiple leadership roles within developing Powershift companies, plans out major investment deals and selects areas of market opportunities to build businesses worldwide. Closely working with large enterprises and global businesses for the last 17 years, he collaborates with major brands around the world to scale and drive growth across the Powershift portfolio.

Brian is also the Co-founder, President and Board Member of Powershift company, Appconomy, a global mobile commerce app platform that is launching in China through a unique partnership with Neusoft Corporation, the largest IT and Solutions provider in China. Day-to-day, Brian oversees and manages Appconomy’s brand marketing, finance, operations and continuous business developments in the Chinese marketplace. Brian has successfully harnessed, built, launched and operated global partnerships and brands within China’s dynamic smartphone market – the largest of its kind.

Prior to starting Appconomy, Brian co-founded software platform company Moxie Software. As the executive vice president of corporate development and product strategy , he helped raise more than $50 million in funding and ultimately generated more than $40 million in revenue in less than four years. Brian also co-founded, a business-to-business web marketplace for trading and selling surplus goods. iMark sold in 2000 to publicly traded FreeMarkets, now known as Ariba (NASDAQ: ARBA), for $340 million.

Brian holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Cornell University. He began his career at Procter & Gamble, eventually going on to work as a leader of the Consumer Goods business unit at Trilogy Software. In 2000, Brian was voted as a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Austin, Texas. A member of the Advisory Council for Cornell University’s entrepreneurship program (Entrepreneurship@Cornell), he is passionate about entrepreneurship in technology and as it pertains to China’s expanding market opportunities. Brian is currently working with global and local Chinese retailers and property developers while rolling out Appconomy in stores, malls and shopping districts across China.