Wearables: Future Trends in Mobile Marketing

The next generation of devices have already been built, and are nearly ready for commercial launch.  Google Glass is already a popular example of a product in this category.  This is only the beginning – the technology exists to implant a cellular telephone into a dental crown, put computers into clothing items, and more. So what are some key takeaways from the emergence of wearables for marketers over the next decade?

  • Think the Net is Pervasive?  You Haven’t Seen Anything, Yet – Imagine having some sort of active internet portal on your person quite literally 24/7.  Live content, location and geo-data, and video/audio capturing from your environment will all combine to produce a constant stream of custom-tailored content that you can be accessible to.
  • The Potential to Take Demographic Targeting to a New Level – Picture a brand like Nike being able to reach out and target people with product ads as they exercise.  Or a restaurant being able to issue a flash dinner sale coupon to everyone within half a mile of their location half an hour before supper.  The sky is the limit in terms of new geo-data, activity, and demographic based targeting options.
  • New Product Spaces Mean New First Mover Advantages – Think back about the bonanza reaped by the first-movers of successful new technologies over the years.  How did the businesses that launched websites do compared to those who did not?  How are the marketing campaigns of those who have invested in effective SEO for fifteen years performing versus those who ignored it?  Wearables will represent a new and as yet untapped market; this means new organizations can step in and reap the first-mover advantage.
  • Users Need To Be In Control of This Messaging - They also need to evaluate how it reaches them, and marketers will have to make their content hyper-relevant. This barely scratches the surface of the new opportunities wearables represent for marketers as they gradually develop and enter commercial product consciousness.  Be sure to pay attention to them over the next five to ten years, as there may be a sea change in online marketing due to the new capabilities of these devices.

Join us next week, to see the second part of Wearable Computers as we shine a light on the future potential pitfalls and challenges. For more on information on wearables in the world of publishing, our CEO, Steve Papermaster was featured in EContent Magazine for "Ready to Wear Content: Google Glass and Other Devices Provide New Opportunities for Publishers".