This Startup Wants You to Swipe Your Way Right Into a New Professional Network

The following excerpt is written by Brent Wistrom and is clipped from the AustinInno site.

Sometimes work is life, and vice versa. After crunching through a heavy day, a lot of innovators are still hungry for helpful insights, drill-down discussions and effective networking.

Christa Freeland finds herself in this situation a lot. And when she started working in Austin, she did what a lot of young entrepreneurs do -- attended events, browsed through LinkedIn networks and struck up conversations whenever possible. But, often times, that led to bland chit chat or someone wandering an event in hopes of landing a sale.

"It can be kind of awkward sometimes," she said of those events. "It helps to be a social butterfly. For me, I can be a little introverted and I felt like we should be bringing networking events in the traditional sense into the digital space and be able to connect with each other."

So she and her team at The Dime Club are building a new-style network that they hope will be more useful for young innovators than conventional meet-and-greets.

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