The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

White Paper Download by Powershift Company, Wannabe

As perpetual learners and educators, it's our job to guide the way for newer generations. That means we should be evaluating every aspect of our youth's path to education from their perspective- no exception. Check out this white paper by Powershift company, Wannabe (beta), to learn how to avoid big mistakes in education, and how you can improve results with the right practices.

In addition, this free white paper download will show you:

  • research on the widening education achievement gap in the United States and why it's the equivalent of a permanent national recession. 
  • the mismatch between the supply of too little career and development guidance, and the demand of trying to serve a huge number of students 
  • the current ecosystem of response to such the issues
  • the role mobile and entertainment play in gaining momentum to the issues

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The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy