The First Members of a Team

First of all, happy (belated) Lunar New Year! As a commencement of this fresh start, I am happy to announce (maybe even brag a bit!) that we recently added members to the Powershift marketing team. These talented people are a much-needed muscle boost that will help better support the fast growing needs of Powershift and our portfolio companies.

While each individual brings particular strengths to the table, they were also selected because of their overall ability to really challenge and raise the bar on our production and operations.

In short, we have Felipe now in charge of Powershift events, Logan will bring his visual expertise to our marketing content, and Joseph supports our public relations goals.

The Foundation

I'm realizing that just like any other company, Powershift’s needs are no different in that whenever possible, it’s essential to track progress every step of the way. I'm also trying to take a page out of Steve Guengerich's book (figuratively that is-- he's written quite a few actual books!) and get better at taking note of early company milestones. I’ve learned it’s important to pay close attention to these initial developments in startups because it affects their future in an exponential way. These moments of building a foundation can be fond to look back on, but what is established in these early phases is so incremental to powering the direction and setting the stage for the future.

Marketing Team
Marketing Team

The Mindset

As with any role in the Powershift capacity, we like to do new, challenging things. “If we aren’t planning on doing it big, let’s not do it at all” has been the mindset of the company since we began founding technology companies in 1997. We also build for strength and with global intentions, not just for small wins along the way.

This means, as many great entrepreneurs know, it’s a necessity to a put together a dependable, cohesive, fun and smart group of people that learns together and really pushes each other hard. There’s no way to build sustainable businesses time after time without a solid team. I believe the same thing goes for marketing strategy and execution. Get the right people in place and learn as much as you can, as fast as you can -- then go!

My takeaway tip to marketers, especially in the startup world, on our team and anywhere else is this: get comfortable with the unfamiliar, and really think about it to do things differently.

Innovation happens outside of the comfort zone, and so I believe there has never been a better time to be a marketer. With all of that said, we have a lot to do and have many things to prepare for on the horizon.

A Final Question

Thanks for reading this post and catching up on the Powershift team developments. I’m wondering: when you consider hiring the first few people to a team, what are the traits you look for? No matter in what company or which department, who you select as the first key players say a lot about your expectations as an entrepreneur and as a leader.