The New Principal Additions


AUSTIN, Texas - Powershift Group announced today the addition of Lisa Pearson and Michael Beamer to their leadership team as Principals. Pearson and Beamer join Powershift Group, the Austin-based technology development company, where they will provide strategic counsel to the fast growing portfolio of Powershift companies. In addition, both will have hands-on roles in Appconomy, a mobile commerce company founded out of Powershift with dual headquarters Shanghai, China and Austin, Texas, USA. Pearson will serve as chief marketing officer of Appconomy and Beamer will take on SVP of Products & Solutions.

Lisa Pearson Headshot

Lisa Pearson Headshot

Pearson has over 20-years of experience as a business leader with a strong track record of growing and scaling global brands including Procter & Gamble, Dell, PepsiCo, Yahoo!, Johnson & Johnson, American Express and many other household names. Prior to joining Powershift Group, Pearson served as chief marketing officer at Bazaarvoice, a leading technology platform connecting consumers, brands and retailers, where she was a key member of the leadership team when the company went public.

“Powershift has a history of building companies that are at the forefront of emerging global markets,” said Pearson. “Their model for venture development is proven unique for developing companies. I believe venture development is going to be the blueprint for how fast growth companies are built and I’m excited to join Powershift as it expands.”

Beamer has over 20-years as a technology and business leader with unique experience building and running technology teams and solutions in 40+ countries around the world. He has been instrumental in the growth and success of companies ranging from pre-revenue startups to a billion dollar global organization. Prior to joining Powershift Group, he was part of the leadership team that helped National Instruments grow from $150M to a $1.2B company.

“I’m excited to be a part of something that will advance the mobile commerce world. Appconomy will do exactly that, and I’m thrilled to join at this time,” said Beamer. “I also look forward to working with Steve Papermaster again at Powershift Group and to be a part of growing companies which is something I have always had a passion for.”

Michael Beamer Headshot

Michael Beamer Headshot

“Adding Lisa and Mike to our leadership team is a big win for Powershift Group. Lisa’s strategic skills around identifying new market opportunities, her conviction around the important role that technology plays in consumer’s lives and her proven track record with the world’s best brands gives us a new dimension on the Powershift leadership team,” said Steve Papermaster, Chairman and CEO of Powershift Group and Appconomy.

“Mike is an exemplary leader who brings a diverse technology background combined with a excellent track record of delivering business results. He is a proven expert in scaling organizations around the world and will be key to the rapid growth of Appconomy and the advancement of the overall Powershift agenda. We couldn’t be more excited to have both of them join us.”

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