NPR interviews Steve Papermaster About Intersection of Smell and Technology

Brenda Salinas from NPR talks to Steve Papermaster about the intersection of technology and the human sense of smell. The following is an excerpt of the interview, but you can view the clip here:

Most of us will never develop the smell of a master sommelier. Austin entrepreneur, Steve Papermaster, says pretty soon, there’ll be no need to— we’ll have machines that smell for us.  He’s developed an electronic nose. A microchip that can smell.

“Well the good news for the machines is that they don’t need to use words like salty, or sweet, or sour. They just need to understand what are they sense and communicate the information about the data about it.

Right now, companies are using electronic noses to detect small traces of chemicals in manufacturing and in medicine. Papermaster says in a couple of years we’ll be surround by smelling, tasting, microchips. They will be in packaging, in our homes, even on our bodies.

From NPR news, Austin definitely smells like Austin.