New Ventures: It’s All About When…Not If

Some have asked about the inspiration for Nano Global Corp., one of our newer ventures at Powershift Group. After all, many of our local colleagues in Austin chiefly know us from one of our more high-profile software companies, Appconomy. Others know of the IT services and software company, BSG Corporation, whose headquarters we relocated from Houston to Austin 20 years ago. So, nanotechnology strikes some as a bit far afield. But, let me assure you, it’s not. At Powershift Group, we’re all about innovation, identifying big markets, and creating products and services for a smarter, better life. Software is – of course – infused in everything we do. But, software is like electricity now. One can’t imagine launching a new venture without it.

In the case of nanotechnology, we were deeply engaged as far back as 15 years ago, when the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) was launched as United States federal priority.

As a member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science & Technology (PCAST) during the eight year administration of President George W. Bush, my colleague Steve Papermaster was an influential member and co-chair of this select group of women and men.

"Nanotechnology is the deep exploration of 'inner space' in the same way that NASA has led the exploration of 'outer space'"

Steve Guengerich

As a member of PCAST, he was charged with studying issues of national and international significance, then providing trusted recommendations to the White House. Among these issues was nanotechnology, which the PCAST during Steve’s years of service deemed a priority. Their hundreds of hours of research, public meetings, and other expert input yielded the first (in 2005) and second (in 2008) assessments of the NNI, with recommendations for focus and investment guiding national public policy.

Austin played an important role in the PCAST public meeting process, when the group I co-founded – Austin Clean Energy Initiative (or ACE) – collaborated with the PCAST to organize a distributed energy workshop in our hometown. While innovations in new energy technologies was the headline, the subject of nanotechnology was threaded throughout the discussion.

In summary, we knew nanotechnology would become one of the great areas of opportunity in coming years. In fact, all signs are that the public sector investment in nanotechnology will reach a level rivaled only by the investment in the space exploration program. This comparison is only fitting, in that nanotechnology is the deep exploration of “inner space” in the same way that NASA has led the exploration of “outer space” for the past 50+ years.

So, the question for us to answer was “when” not “if” a new venture that was based in nanotechnology would be worth pursuing.

We believe that the answer to the “when” question is: “Now.” And, the venture is Nano Global Corp. Nano Global Corp. is committed to healing the world through nanotechnology innovations that provide safer, smarter ways to eliminate dangerous germs, viruses and other pathogens.

That’s a big vision…we know. But, we’ve assembled a core set of technologies, partners, and resources that we are convinced can deliver on this vision. We invite you to learn more about the innovations powering Nano Global Corp. and its first products to market.

What are your thoughts on nanotechnology and how it can better our world? Share your thoughts or ideas with us below.