Brian Magierski Invited to Speak at Blackstone China Symposium

China Symposium: The Future Risk and Opportunity Of Online's Impact on Shopping Mall Ownership

Date: May 6, 2015, 11:45AM-12:30PM

Location: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong

"Mobile Consumer Behaviour Insights: O2O's Impact on Retail"

As powerful as e-commerce has been, it's still less than 10% of all retail in both China and the US, leaving over 90% of the market open for offline/online integration through mobile. With the "always on" and "always with you" nature of smartphones and mobile technology, the time and place for retail activity has dramatically broadened beyond conventional retail stores or shopping malls.

Powershift President, Brian Magierski will talk about the ecosystem embracing both offline and online worlds that interact with each other to create a seamless experience to the consumer. He will also share Appconomy success stories of using loyalty, context-awareness, smart locations, social, payments and stored-value features that power the consumer journey of today and the future.

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