Behind the Scenes of Nano Global Corp.

Leonardo da Vinci said “Wisdom is the daughter of experience.” If nothing else, the team behind Nano Global Corp. represents a diverse experience set. It’s one we hope has accumulated wisdom enough to build an enduring, early brand for the nanotechnology revolution. That is the team’s brand objective: to have Nano Global’s products achieve such enduring popularity that “nanotechnology” becomes as common to our everyday vernacular as “apps” for mobile phones, or “DNA” for personal identification.

What makes us think they are the right people to pull it off? It’s not just because of the education and early work experience you can read about easily enough in the bios of Nano Global’s founders, each of which reflects a deep experience set in their respective domains of expertise. It’s the lesser-known “story behind the story” of their shared connections to the mission of Nano Global. Here are some of those stories, which woven together, we think, make them the right team to guide the company.

The Disruptive Founder

Steve Papermaster, the company’s chairman and co-CEO, is a life-long innovator and entrepreneur. He has been a trusted advisor to global investors, corporate top executives, and public officials alike. The lesser-known story is Steve’s childhood, coming of age as the son of a prominent cancer researcher.

Throughout Steve’s early childhood, he literally grew up in the most cutting-edge cancer research laboratories in the US. In his grade school years, Steve lived in Cupertino, California, where he could count Steve Jobs as a schoolmate. In later years, Steve jogged back and forth between his jobs as a longshoreman and as a lab tech at the wet lab where he worked as part-time for his father, at the Galveston medical branch of the University of Texas.

It was during these years that Steve began sowing the seeds of his future career path, where he wrote computer programs on the Apple 1 PC to process the data for his dad’s lab by night and then operated a beachside hotdog & soda stand on the Galveston seawall, for tourists and locals by day. These twin strands – technology innovation and entrepreneurship – intertwined powerfully when Steve joined the Houston office of Arthur Andersen’s consulting division (which later spun out to become Accenture).

The Ingenious Scientist

Likewise, Nano’s chief scientist, Christine Scheve, developed her own passion for creating innovative technology solutions by growing up in a household where innovation was a dinner table topic. Her father, a chemical engineer, was a Global Manufacturing and Technology Center Leader for Dow, working within several businesses like Dow Solar, Dow Automotive and Dow Building & Construction.

In his role at Dow, Christine’s dad developed and led diverse technology development and practical implementation across a span of applications. Likewise, Christine has been involved in technology R&D since her earliest undergraduate days at the University of Texas, where she received both her Bachelor’s and Masters’ degrees in Biomedical Engineering.

For example, while in graduate school and completing research at the Methodist Hospital Research Institute in Houston, Texas, Christine engineered nanoscale reinforcement particles as part of a multifunctional injectable bone scaffolding system for post-traumatic osteoregeneration. At the University of Texas at Austin, she also completed research on the optimization of nanoscale drug delivery systems for a variety of applications.

In other words, “Christine knows nano.” As does Bill Peterson, head of Nano Global Corp.’s Nano-Qore Labs collaboration with Qore Systems.

The Almighty Chemist

Bill is a second-generation, chemist-inventor-entrepreneur, who has carried forward his father William Peterson’s work from its discovery decades ago to its modern-day commercialization. If you were to imagine Edison, reincarnated as a 21st century chemist, you’ve got a hint at Bill’s incredible energy, curiosity and enthusiasm about the discovery and commercialization of new, nanotech-based products.

And, this infectious energy is already finding its way into the 3rd generation of Petersons – and a future Nano-Qore Labs employee – with Bill’s own children, as this video shot with daughter Margo illustrates.

It may be a light-hearted explanation, but it is also laser-focused in delivering the incredible power of the Amosil-Q nanobot that is at the heart of Nano Global’s initial product line. That’s our goal: to make “nanotechnology” an everyday part of your world. And, now you know a little more about a few members of the Nano Global Corp. team and why we think it is the one to do it.