Austin EdTech Mobile App "Wannabe" Now Available on iTunes

The app is finally here! High school students across the country now have the ability to explore career options, get inspired by mentors who are experienced professionals, and stay on track with their futures beyond graduation, by downloading the newest mobile application Wannabe from Apple’s iTunes App Store. The Wannabe app is the product of a strategic collaboration between edtech Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, CollegiateZone and venture builder Powershift Group.

The Collaborative Team

“Through EDUsystems and its predecessors, we have been providing tens of thousands of students with the most comprehensive, personal and career evaluation tool for more than five years,” said Stuart Scandridge, founder, president, and CEO of CollegiateZone. “We are thrilled to establish this collaboration between our free SaaS product, EDU-Xpress and the Wannabe mobile app. Together, Wannabe plus EDU-Xpress give every student a set of tools they can use, in the manner that they are most comfortable – on their mobile phones & tablets – that help young people plan and get excited about what they are going to do with their futures.”


"Powershift Group originally began work on Wannabe as a social venture project. It emerged from an interest that our principals had in finding a way to leverage our mobile app-building skills and capabilities to the good of public education in Texas,” said Steve Guengerich, executive sponsor of the project and a Principal with Powershift Group. “As we learned more about the EDUsystems capabilities, it became clear that the best way to get the Wannabe app to market was through a collaboration. Along with our new partner CollegiateZone, we thank our many supporters for helping with the research, design, and  – for many of them – serving as mentors in the Wannabe app.”

Through the combination of Wannabe’s and CollegiateZone's software, students can explore their interests, learn from mentors, and then develop a detailed plan for achieving their post-high school graduation dreams, by giving every young person access to nationwide data about colleges, careers, financial aid, and more.

Our Partners

Community partners provided essential support by participating in the Wannabe beta program participation and assisting with student and educator research. Community partners that made Wannabe possible are Innovation+ powered by GREENLIGHTS, Austin Young Chamber of Commerce, Breakthrough Austin, Entrepreneur in Training, and CollegeForward.

Wannabe is a native iOS app that integrates the free version of CollegiateZone’s EDUsystems software platform, called EDU-Xpress, by providing links between the apps and using a common database structure in its initial release. Deeper integration between the apps is planned for future releases.

How to Download

To download Wannabe, please visit the ITunes App Store at, or search for “Wannabe Me” under iPhone apps in iTunes. For more information on Wannabe, the collaboration with CollegiateZone, and other information about mobile edtech, please visit