Appconomy's Cultural Exchange Program

My name is Abby Zhang and I was one of seven people chose to participate in Appconomy's internship program in Austin, Texas in 2013. The program lasted for one year. I gained many different skills, even some things that I have never tried before this internship, making it a memorable cultural experience.

The Selection Process

I did market research on a mobile APP project called Jinjin and I was able to learn the relationship between retailers and consumers. The purpose for the study was to be especially clear about what the consumer wanted. Jinjin is an application for Chinese consumers, so we had a very strong challenge on this research because we not only wanted Chinese app research but also something to market in America.

Afterward, I worked on a user interface project, which was my favorite part because I enjoy creating new things. I worked closely with the lead designer, Carrie Gates; we enjoyed working together on every project. She helped me improve my designs and sent me many website links for inspiration. I still keep them now. We were like sisters. I made a lot of friends in Austin, and my colleagues treated me like family.

There were seven Chinese interns from Neusoft University, including me. Sometimes communicating in English was a challenge, but we had a great English teacher named Sky. We shared stories in every class, but if we talked in Chinese she would stop us andencourage us to practice in English. We also played games and watched some short videos about American history, which helped.  In the end, all of our English improved.  If I had more time, I would’ve learned more things about American history. I tried my best to learn as much as I could because I wasn’t sure if I would get a chance to come back.

The Benefits of the Program

After I finished the internship at Appconomy, I planned to travel throughout the United States. I went to Miami, Orlando, DC, and NYC. Appconomy helped me find a good hotel to stay in in New York City where I stayed for almost a month.

After I got back from America, I received a recommendation letter from Carrie. I decided to hunt for a job by myself in China, so I wrote more about my experiences on my resume. I went to interviews and shared my experiences I had from the US. I found a job easily, and I am now doing user interface application design. The job is getting more and more popular in China as mobile internet is developing very fast. I have more than two years of experience and I’m a senior UI designer in the company. I am still working on making my design work better.

I think internships can help students  find what they want and also improve their work skills. The more important thing to me was that I could get to know the friends and have a social culture at work. I miss my Appconomy family!

Powershift is adopting Appconomy's internship program, starting this year. The program will be called Powershift Exchange and the main goal is to build relations between China and the US    and provide a cultural experience for    the programs participants.

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