The 360 Summit was a non-profit conference that gathered high-level executives and civic entrepreneurs to enhance and strengthen the Austin technology community and to address issues that were critical to the city’s future.

Founded in 1998 with a “grassroots” mission of “Bridging Austin’s Technology Community”, the 360 Summit was an effort between co-founders and co-chairmen, Peter Zandan and Steve Papermaster, with Donna Holland as Executive Director. An invitation-only event, committed individuals came from the high tech industry and were leaders of the Austin Software Council (now Austin Technology Council), Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and the American Electrons Association.

Top executives involved were: Michael Dell, Mayor Kirk Watson, Mary Meeker, Mike Maples, Tom Meredith, Tim McClure, Dan Rather, Joe Liemandt, Bob Fabbio, Larry Faulkner, David French, Sandy Gottesman, Gary Hoover, Bryan Menell, William J Spencer, Tvonne Tocquigny, Carol Thompson and many others.

Media Mentions:

“…the annual Austin CEO thinkfest…”
-Iris Company, Emily Sopensky

“…there was no larger forum for the entire technology community to participate in philanthropic efforts until January 1999, when Austin technology entrepreneurs Peter Zandan and Steve Papermaster organized the first 360 Summit… Organizations such as the Austin Network, Austin Social Ventures Project, or all spun off from the 360 Summit…the 360 Summit, held at the exclusive Four Seasons Hotel, was by invitation-only and featured central members of the high-tech literati.”
-Inequity in the Technopolis: Race, Class, Gender, and the Digital Divide in Austin by Joseph Straubhaar