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powershift group

Powering ideas that shift our world.


We are a venture development group that leverages expertise, capital, and networks to found and grow our own companies.


Steve PapermasterChairman & CEO
Brian MagierskiPresident, Board Member
Steve GuengerichPrincipal
Michael BeamerPrincipal
Sophia ZhengDirector of China Operations
Susie BuehlerDirector of Organizational Resources
Melanie RustenbeckDirector of Corporate Operations
Christa FreelandDirector of Marketing
Christine ScheveDirector and Scientific Advisor
Thomas McNairDirector of Product Innovation

"This is an exceptional group of people who are pursuing a unique vision for building companies and value. By focusing on the development of sustainable companies rather than the investments and quick returns, they are greatly increasing the probability of long-term success."

Roger McNamee

Co-founder, Silver Lake Partners
Co-founder, Integral Capital Partners
Founding Partner, Elevation Partners



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